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Lupine Collars and Leads

We carry a complete line of Lupine collars and leads. Lupine  
is a well established 20-year old company offering high end pet
accessories which are both durable and comfortable. Recently,
Lupine partnered with Flex® the #1 producer of retractable
leads which retract and extend smoothly.  

The leads feature the patented Flexi break system and
ergonomic handle (pictured left) with a choice of patterns that
match your favorite Lupine collar.  Lupine guarantees their
products(Even if Chewed)®.
Lupine Collars and Leads
Vetri-Science Supplements

We believe natural is better which is why we
products for your dog, cat, or horse.  For
over twenty-five years, Vetri-Science®
Laboratories of Vermont has been a leader
in research and product development of
high quality supplements for large and small

A division of FoodScience We
believe natural is better which is why we
Corporation, Vetri-Science® Laboratories of
Vermont produces only the purest, most
reliable products to meet the exacting
standards of today’s veterinarians and
equine, canine, and feline owners.
Vetri-Science Supplements
Vetri-Science Supplements
CAS Options
Genesis Resources CAS Options

Genesis Resources CAS Options provides a nutritionally
concentrated synergistic blend of Reishi, Maitake and Shiitake
mushrooms, which are well researched and have been shown in
numerous studies to be potent immune enhancers.

The proteoglycans and polysaccharides from mushrooms have
been shown to nutritionally assist the immune system, reduce
inflammation and can stimulate natural killer (NK) and T-helper
cell activity. Additionally, this formula includes strong
antioxidants found in Coenzyme Q-10, Green Tea and
Royal Canin Pet Food
Royal Canin Pet Food

In Royal Canin pet food you won’t find fish-
shaped pieces in the cat food or peanut butter
stuffed in the kibble. That’s because first
andforemost, we respect the animal. Gimmicks
benefit the pet owner.

Superb nutrition based solely on science benefits
the pet. We carry a variety of cat and dog food
by Royal Canin which provides your pet with
optimal nutrition.
Greenies Pet Chews
Greenies Pet Chews

Pets love the taste of Greenies products
but what they don't know is Greenies are
good for them too!  

We carry a line of Greenies products which
include treats, dental chews, pill pockets,
and bone and joint health treats.

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Laxatone Hairball Remedy

Laxatone is a tuna flavored lubricant
used for the elimination and prevention
of hairballs in cats. It is a remedy that
prevents harballs from clogging your
cat's digestive system and reduces
hairball formation and vomiting.
Nutri-Cal Gel

Nutri-Cal Gel is a dietary
supplement for cats and dogs.
It's high in calories and low in
volume. This product is good for
consumption by active, older and
even debilitated pets. It's a great
energy source for hunting and
working dogs.

If your pet is a fussy eater, they
may not be getting the nutrients
they need. Nutri-Cal Gel is a
great source for providing
necessary calories and
supplements to keep your pet

It is also known to increase your
pet's appetite. It can be very
helpful with puppies who don't
yet eat regular foods.
Frontline Flea and Tick Control
Flea and Tick Control

We also carry an entire line of flea and tick
products to keep your pet comfortable and free
from the hazards of flea and tick infestation.
Revolution Flea and Tick Control
Advantage Flea and Tick Control