Westbrook Veterinary Clinic

Westbrook Veterinary Clinic
                                                                          1 Howell St.
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Our Professional Pet Surgery Facility

Our state-of-the art veterinary surgery facility is equipped with the latest technologies that ensure quality veterinary treatment and
accuracy during animal surgery procedures.
Pet Surgery Table
Our pet surgery facility ensures
every procedure is as successful
and comfortable as possible. We
have invested in cutting edge
technologies and resources to
provide your pet with the highest
quality veterinary care.
Pet Surgery Supply Cabinet
Our surgical facility cabinets are well
stocked with everything necessary to
perform successful surgical procedures.
Pet Surgery Equipment
Pulse Monitor and Blood
Pressure Equipment are
available to accurately
monitor your pet's vital signs
during surgical procedures.
Vet Surgeon Equipment
Our portable anesthesia
provides mobility and
flexibility during pet
surgery procedures.
Our anesthesia
equipment uses the latest
technology to provide
your pet with the safest
and highest quality vet
treatment possible.
Appointment Hours

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. - Noon


Emergency Contact

Orange County Emergency Clinic

Capital District Emergency Clinic

Our Highly Qualified
Friendly Staff is
Ready to Help You!

Our receptionists are ready to  
assist you with appointments,  
billing questions, and all of your  
pet care product needs.

Our highly qualified veterinary
technicians ensure your pet
receives the very best care.
Pet Surgery Table

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Westbrook Veterinary Clinic
1 Howell St.
Walton, NY 13856